The Agriculture International Fair (AIF) is itended to be a major economical event of Madagascar and of the Indian-Ocean region, in term of the food-process and the whole corresponding operating chain.
The fair will be devoted to the whole agricultural sector, from its structuring to the transformation of products.
It will be extended by the organization of round tables, conferences, animations, thematic days, Networking sessions, etc.

Agriculture International Fair

  • General public and institutional
  • Exhibition
  • Intermediate format (4 days)
  • Sectors: machinery, products, institutional, local products, agronomical supplies, regions and districts, livestock, fisheries, aquaculture, nature, life, forest

AIF Forum

  • B to B and institutionals
  • Forum, conferences, networking, exhibition
  • Short Format (2 days)
  • Contents adapted to the processing of Malagasy food products
  • The international offer
  • Presentation of agricultural innovations adapted to the local market.


From the necessity to implement measures to revitalize peasant agriculture and initiate a refoundation of the agronomic sector in Madagascar,
From the obligation to meddle the various rural actors, who are involved inspite of themselves or who are objectively guilty of siphoning the natural resources of the country without limit (see for example the devastating action of bush fires) thus harshly impacting the development of the country – hoped to be lasting - including invalidating drought and mortgaging crops and agricultural production,

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