From the necessity to implement measures to revitalize peasant agriculture and initiate a refoundation of the agronomic sector in Madagascar,

From the obligation to meddle the various rural actors, who are involved inspite of themselves or who are objectively guilty of siphoning the natural resources of the country without limit (see for example the devastating action of bush fires) thus harshly impacting the development of the country – hoped to be lasting – including invalidating drought and mortgaging crops and agricultural production,

From the profound conviction that companies at all stages of the agricultural chain should or must become the peasants’ best friends, From the generalized observation that all the great economic powers were often first of all agricultural powers,

All of these cited above have motivated the PREMIERE LIGNE agency to co-organize with the Ministry of the Presidency in charge of Agriculture and Livestock, to organize the first major event of truly international scope under the name of “Agriculture International Fair”

In order to express and become the platform for all stakeholders in this field, namely the State, international, regional and national institutions, all actors and other prescribers, the Agriculture International Fair being an event of a fundamental sector of the economic future of the world will have to be the catalyst and the setting in motion of a sector directly interesting 80% of the Malagasy population.

With regard to a world in which the great powers have become relative, Madagascar has the capacity to become an agricultural power.

In symbiosis with nature, regarded as the new world Eldorado, agriculture as well as conventional or biological is a history of rural development that still remains to be written on the Big Island.

As the President of the Republic declared in a recent preface in the official magazine of the Industry Fair of Madagascar: “While we can authorize ourselves to take up for Madagascar the idea of an” environmental exception “, I would like to refer to the commitment of certain thinkers who would like to repaint capitalism in green, as long as it is understood that the preservation of our biodiversity, the possible multiplication of organic products, the production of clean energy are all objectively achievable concepts in Madagascar “.

From this vision, we must consider that the whole chain of operation of the agricultural sector in Madagascar must and will be part of the economic take off of Madagascar.

May this environmental exception coupled with the need to transform our rural world be the key to our harmonious development, to leave a better future for the following generation